For everybody who cannot get enough, as announced we will have an afterparty in CLUB3 with Polygorgon, Behringer Escape Plan and Curling until 05.00! Come dance, act weird and fistpump with us until the small hours.

POLYGORGON (23:00-00:30)
Polygorgon is a Haarlem based producer and DJ who started under the alias Murq in the Bass, House and Techno scenes in Amsterdam. After gravitating towards a wider range of genres a name change was in order. Polygorgon likes to blend elements from dark wave, industrial, italo disco and techno in his sets and productions.

Behringer Escape Plan is a two-piece electronic band that has carved out a unique niche in the world of electronic music as proven during their set at the recent Summer edition. For fans of heavy and experimental electronic music, Behringer Escape Plan is a band that is not to be missed. With a sound that is both fluid and heavy, you can expect wonky grooves, bold bass sounds, and fast melodies.

CURLING (01:15-05:00)
While Utrecht-based artist Curling often takes to the stage as a singer in various metal, punk, and noise rock bands (Throwing Bricks, Radar Men From The Moon), he takes a completely different approach in his DJ-sets. The experimental mix of bass, electro, industrial and a dash of EBM recalls the well-known club scene in the first Matrix-film: dark, with an apocalyptic tinge, but mostly highly danceable.