Thank you for visiting Complexity Fest 2020

A sincere thanks to all of you wondering and wandering colourful souls coming from seemingly everywhere this weekend, and thanks for bringing your attention and positive energy! Arigatou, merci, takk and such to all the acts that graced our 3 stages giving what they got and for just as well blending in happily with most of the aforementioned around all the show madness.

We’ve witnessed a delightful array of memorable, engaging moments and performances spread throughout the fest. Last but not Liszt very much bedankt to the really hard working crew in Patronaat and everyone involved, giving us as the Complexiteam the opportunity to blend in with all of you while knowing each and everything got taken care of and looked after so well.

We’ll continue the adventurous heavy music train to newer heights with some first next stops this month still. All the best for now and we’ll use this evening furthermore as how this day was mentioned in that Holy book while checking the audio-visual aftermath.

photo by Jaap Kroon Fotografie

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