We’re more than happy to add Tribulation, STAKE, YOUFF and OATS to the line-up. Four new parts of the auditive spectrum we like to cover at our beloved Fest upcoming February. Last two acts and afterparty will be announced soon. Get your tickets and meet us in the front!

The Swedish vampire lords in Tribulation are known for their dramatic and epic mix of death metal, black metal and gothic sensibilities ever since their magnificent third record ‘The Children of the Night’. Music that makes you headbang, dancing in the moonlight and looking for milk white necks to sink your teeth in. On their latest full-length ‘Where The Gloom Becomes Sound’ they do exactly what is implied, resulting in a psychedelic and their most gothic record to date. An album that sounds like Celtic Frost one minute and Joy Division the next from a unique band that has been around for almost ten years. A collective that doesn’t seem to play to impress anyone, doesn’t chase trends and instead are playing exactly what they want. Take for example their latest single ‘Hamartia’: an angry gothic tragedy including some sick ’80s-vintage epic solos. We cannot wait till their next album. Let’s hope we can have a little sneak peek during the show at Complexity Fest!

Releasing their second studio album ‘Love, Death, And Decay’ last year, we’re more than happy to welcome another band back at Patronaat after a more than memorable headline show: the Belgian atmospheric sludgy, grungy powerhouse that is STAKE. The group is the reincarnation of the well-known Steak Number Eight; the young band that caused a furore with passionate live shows, both at festivals and their own headline shows, as well as supporting Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Deftones and more. In 2019 they took a new direction with album ‘Critical Method’, on which they show that they are no longer a fresh cut, but have grown into premium dry-aged beef.

One of our Southern neighbors’ best kept secrets peeking from out of the underground is the experimental noise group YOUFF. This is that band that people whisper about, after witnessing them putting clubs upside down with a whirlwind of dissonant, absurd hardcore infused droning mantras that remind you of a young Swans in the distance. Add instead of dead seriousness a dose of absurdism and vocal play on top, and we say just undergo this one. A new release is planned for this 2023 and we’re bloody excited!

In a somewhat tradition, our first spot is usually reserved for an upcoming, talented act from our local backyard. Here comes the young band OATS from Amsterdam: jazzy punk packed with an urgent message, a will to experiment and no fear of delving deeper into colourfull mathcore territories while you hear influences from a contemporary group like Black Midi in the distance. This February will bring to birth the next single ‘Magnolia’ as a warming up for their upcoming EP. Come early to get your muscles loose and mind sharp, plus give ‘em a warm welcome! 

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