Dragged Into Sunlight forced to cancel performance at Complexity Fest 2020

Hey it’s Thom here with an important update on our upcoming fest.

As some have heard rumors I’m here to confirm them: beyond our control Dragged Into Sunlight won’t be able to play their show. We’re close personally too and also because of that extra bummed about this one. The band just released their own statement:

“Dragged Into Sunlight will not be appearing at Complexity Festival this year owing to personal circumstances. We never want to disappoint. The festival is a killer event organised by some good friends, so we hope that you’ll attend.”

I hope we can make up for it within Patronaat’s walls anytime. All the best wishes to them!

With that being said, we wouldn’t be Complexity if we didn’t come up with a worthy replacement and after ‘the great hunt’ we present you one of the most exciting experimental black metal bands hailing from the UK: Lychgate. You might know them from the former Blood Music roster as I did, and they are about to release a new EP this March pushing the boundaries of everything you know black. “Progeny of the Singularity needs to be heard to be believed, and even then, probably won’t be believed”. Here’s the updated poster and let’s celebrate this musical ride soon, so soon now!

Listen to Lychgate HERE.

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